25th Anniversary at RAH
London, England - February 4, 1988 - ECDR 883/884 - Aud 4

Disc 1:                    Disc 2:

1.Crossroads               1.Badge 
2.White Room               2.Let it Rain 
3.I Shot the Sheriff       3.Cocaine 
4.Wonderful Tonight        4.A Remark You Made 
5.Run                      5.Layla 
6.Same Old Blues           6.Behind the Mask 
7.Tearing Us Apart         7.Sunshine of Your Love 
8.Holy Mother              8.Money For Nothing 
                           9.Further On Up the Road 

Comments: A clear, listenable audience recording. Mark Knopfler's guitar work is well featured, particularly a sweet into to "Holy Mother". Nathan East also contributes an interesting "vocal" solo in unison with his bass in "Further On Up the Road". There is also a different recording of this show available.