Eric Clapton
461 Ocean Boulevard Sessions
Criteria Studios

Very intresting stuff from these early sessions but the tape had a bad sound.
I reduced the strong hiss and put some Dynamic with Sound Forge to adjust
the sound too flat for my ears.
I retrack also some tracks.The sound is better now.

Sbe's aligned with TLH.

Sbd?>Cd(r)>Flac>Hungercity >You

01 Mainline Florida (W/ George Terry on Vocals)
02 Let It Grow (Instrumental Demo)
03 I Can't Hold Out (Instrumental Demo)
04 Instrumental
05 Five Years
06 Please Be With Me (Demo)
07 I Can't Hold Out#2 (Vocal Demo)
08 Steady Rollin' Man Jam (Actually Jam 2 From the Layla Box set, Not Included)
09 Blues (Actually Mean Old World from the Layla Box set, Not Icluded)

Thanks for the first uploader.

Artwork is included