Eric Clapton
"701 Arena Blvd."
Miami, Florida
September 6, 1995
Geetarz 150/151

Disc 1:

1. Motherless Child
2. Malted Milk
3. From Four Until Late
4. How Long
5. Kidman Blues
6. I'm Gonna Cut Your Head
7. .44
8. Blues All Day Long
9. Standing Around Crying
10. Hoochie Coochie Man
11. It Hurts Me Too
12. Blues Before Sunrise
13. Third Degree
14. Reconsider Baby
15. Sinner's Prayer
16. Every Day I Have the Blues
17. Double Trouble

Disc 2:

1. Before You Accuse Me
2. Someday After a While
3. Tore Down
4. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
5. Crossroads
6. Five Long Years
7. Ain't Nobody's Business (encore)

The Band:

Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Portnoy Harmonica
Chris Stainton Keyboards
Dave Bronze Bass
Steve Gadd Drums
Roddy Lorimer Trumpet
Tim Sanders Tenor Sax
Simon Clarke Baritone Sax


Recorded by APlay
Section 2, Seat F2 (6th row center FOB for those of you in Rio Linda).

Sonic Solutions DSM > Sony D7 (Sonic Modded) > DAT Master > PC > Soundforge (Normalize / Edit) > FLAC

Mastering and Cover Art by Geetarz
Supervision and Moral Support by Cody Husky