Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler - 1987-01-03,Apollo Theatre, Manchester,UK. -"A Happy New Year to one and all"- Enlight 2012(CRC12-091/2) remaster.samples included!

Eric Clapton ft.Mark Knopfler
Apollo Theatre
Manchester ,UK.
January 3, 1987 

-------Enlight 2012 remaster----------

source: audience
format 2CDR's

CD 1 (CRC12-091)

1. Crossroads
2. White room
3. I shot the sheriff
4. Wanna make love to you
5. Take a chance
6. Hung up on your love
7. Miss you
8. Same old blues
9. Tearing us apart

CD 2 (CRC12-092)

1. Holy mother
2. Badge/Let it rain
3. Cocaine
4. Layla
5. Money for nothing
6. Sunshine of your love


Enlight remaster details:

weak tape hiss removed
Dynamics set for lower (Bass) frequencies bandwidth balance.
very slight soundcloner tech for dehess.
slight "background-sound wide stimulation" set
carefully EQ changes
volume normalized ( 95%, adaptive mode max +/-2DB)

source used:Eric Clapton's - Take a Chance bootleg
as always with full respect to the taper. Nothing has been taken out or add to the original recording

I hope all this will have a positive impact on your listening experience

Title and created cover-art to avoid any mix up with the excisting source!

My first Eric Clapton remaster posted on Dime, so E.C. fans gentle with me (-;


Enlight note:

This is the first of two warm-up shows prior to Eric Clapton's annual run at the Royal Albert Hall. 
It is the first date of his "August" 1987 world tour.

Great performance,with Mark Knopfler on second guitar!
EC, MK and the band take their time between songs, little bit of tunning, EC telling the name of the songs,
the new and old ones, during those moments you can hear the audience loud, but not during the songs. ( very relaxed)

Both EC's as Mark's guitar are clearly present in this recording. 

A rarity is the absence of Wonderful Tonight which wasn' t played at both the Manchester gigs, 
just to reappear a few days later at the Royal Albert Hall shows and stay in the setlist for the next 20 years.