Tribute shows to Stevie Ray Vaughan:
City Limits, Austin, Texas (United States) 11-May-1995 


Vaughan, King, Clapton, Guy and Co. are all old friends, and their gathering was, in fact, a spectacular act of friendship. On May 11, 1995, they gathered in Austin, Texas, to pay tribute to their fallen comrade, Stevie Ray Vaughan, who died five years prior after participating in a similar summit meeting in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. The concert, organized by Stevie's brother, Jimmie, included everyone who shared the stage with Stevie Ray on August 26, 1990, the guitarist's final night on earth.

This was a private, by invitation show only. It was recorded by Sony for an album and a video.

Band Lineup

Jimmie Vaughan Guitar, Vocals
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Bonnie Raitt Guitar, Vocals
B.B. King Guitar, Vocals
Buddy Guy Guitar, Vocals
Robert Cray Guitar, Vocals
Dr. John Piano, Vocals
Art Neville Vocals

Backing during the 1st part (ending with "Empty arms"):

Double Trouble:

Chris Layton (Drums)
Tommy Shannon (Bass)
Reese Wynans (Keyboards)

Backing during the 2nd part (beginning with "Telephone

Tilt-A-Whirl Band:

Bill Willis (Keyboards)
Denny Freeman (Piano, Guitar)
George Rains (Drums)
Reginald Brisban (Vocals)
Leroy Burns (Vocals)
Dennis King (Vocals)

Set List

Texas flood (Jimmie Vaughan) 
Pride and joy (Bonnie Raitt) 
Love struck baby (Robert Cray) 
Cold shot (Dr. John) 
Mary had a little lamb (Buddy Guy) 
Empty arms (Eric Clapton) 
Telephone song (B.B. King) 
Hard to be (Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray) 
Ain't gone'n give up on your love (Eric Clapton) 
Long way from home (Buddy Guy) 
Life without you (Art Neville) 
Six strings down (everybody) 
Tick tock (everybody) 
SRV shuffle (everybody)