AMY WINEHOUSE 2007-06-22, Glastonbury (both shows) PAL DVD with Isle Of Wight highlights (incl. Amy as a Rolling Stone)

AMY WINEHOUSE 2007-06-22, Glastonbury Festival
PAL DVD 720x576, 16:9, 4 titles (incl. IOW extras)

Top menu audio theme: You Know I'm No Good (backstage acoustic from Glastonbury radio broadcast, complete song, torrented on Dime by smiler40)

title 1

Pyramid Stage

00:00:00:00 Addicted
00:03:00:10 Just Friends
00:06:28:11 He Can Only Hold Her
00:09:56:02 You Send Me Flying (Cherry)
00:12:38:08 Back To Black
00:17:01:00 Wake Up Alone
00:21:41:16 Love Is A Losing Game
00:25:05:22 Fuck Me Pumps
00:29:05:01 Cupid
00:33:00:05 Hey Little Rich Girl
00:37:12:23 Monkey Man
00:41:10:21 You Know I'm No Good
00:45:55:20 Rehab
00:49:47:10 Me And Mr Jones
00:53:30:21 Valerie
00:58:08:11 end 

lineage for title1 (by joefish; originally uploaded to purelivegigs):

The video is encoded to approx 6300kbps (average)
from the very high bitrate BBC HD wildfeed
(better even than the official BBC HD stream),
posted to usenet in alt.binaries.hdtv and, by Threepwood.
Heartfelt thanks for that. The audio is the
original stream from Threepwood`s usenet post.
Audio: 256kbps mp2

title 2

JazzWorld Stage

00:00:00:00 Addicted *
00:03:06:04 Just Friends *
00:06:44:23 Tears Dry On Their Own *
00:10:24:23 Back To Black *
00:14:41:03 Love Is A Losing Game *
00:18:01:09 Instrumental (Band Intros)
00:28:57:24 Cupid
00:33:16:24 Hey Little Rich Girl
00:37:08:20 Monkey Man
00:40:24:02 Rehab
00:44:19:17 Me And Mr Jones
00:47:23:20 Valerie
00:51:51:11 end

lineage for title 2 (by joefish; originally uploaded to purelivegigs):
Audio: 256kbps mp2 except * 192kbps mp2

These are the original streams as broadcast
on BBC3 and BBCi. The video bitrate is around
3200 kbps.

title 3 (extra feature)

2007-06-09 Isle of Wight Festival Day 2

2.Back To Black

lineage for title 3 (extracted from joefish IOW upload to purelivegigs):

Channel4 DVB-T 8-10 June 2007
Audio: 192kbps mp2
Lineage: DVB-T (direct stream copy) > VideoRedo > DVDLab (joefish) -> VideoRedo TVSuite -> TDA1.6 -> DVDRemake

title 4 (extra xtra)

2007-06-10 Isle of Wight Festival Day 3 (Amy as a Rolling Stone):

1.Ain't Too Proud To Beg (guest performance)

video MPEG2 progressive 3100 kbps VBR (max 9000), 16:9
audio ac3 384 kbps

lineage for title 4:
HDMV channel broadcast (1080i) -> unknown type of transfer to SD (de-interlaced, not quite correctly) -> HungerCity compilation DVD -> VideoRedo TVSuite -> DGIndex -> AviSynth -> CCE (3-pass VBR) -> TDA 1.6 -> DVDRemake