Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood
Antwerp Belgium
May 23, 2010

Recorded by Daspyknows 
Recorded halfway between stage and soundboard Dead Center
Schoeps MK4 w/ NBox Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 10b, resample, to 16bit 44.1K and split tracks
TLH to convert to Flac

Special thanks again to Nick C for the use of his NBox. not sure I could have
taken my RBox on the plane.

I have to thank a few people I met at the show who helped make this happen. First
of all is Alex who I met at Backstage/Time Out Bar across the street before the
show. He helped me out and watched my back at a GA show and also the three folks
to my left who knew of me through following my tour. It helped to have friendly
bodies around. 

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood 23 May 2010 Set List / Sportpaleis Antwerp
Had to Cry Today
Low Down
After Midnight
Presence of the Lord
The Shape Iím In (The Band)
Well, Alright
Itís Too Bad
While You See A Chance (from Arc Of A Diver)
Going Down Slow
Midland Maniac
Slide Song
Georgia ((Eric electric seated)
Driftiní (Eric acoustic, Steve included)
How Long (acoustic)
Layla (acoustic)
Canít Find My Way Home (acoustic)
Split Decision
Voodoo Chile
Dear Mr. Fantasy

First of all, let me say Antwerp rocks. Great people, great beer and great food and add great music.
Well, here it is, the conclusion of my European leg of the Clapton Winwood tour. Lots of fun and 
met lots of great people. I took a taxi to the show and a really cool cab driver put in my Wembley
recording. He dropped be off in front of the Backstage/Time Out Bar and they were playing The MSG cd. I asked him if he wanted to put on Wembley and he did to my surprise. I really got to hear how it sounded on a good sound system. Started talking to Alex who was sitting next to me. We had a few 
drinks and he was very willing and able to help me record the show. Went and got my ticket at will
call, snuck in the gear and scored the spot. Before the show started talking with three people to my left and I gave then a copy of Wembley. I was hoping to find people to help and a few copies of 
Wembley were brought for that reason. In our conversation I was asked if I was the guy with the 
battery problem during Cocaine at Birmingham. Small world there. Show started and besides being 
very very hot, it went as planned. Sound was not as good as the previous shows and a louder crowd but still a really good recording. Great show too. After the show went back to the bar and they were still playing my Wembley recording. People were enjoying it and I spoke with quite a few people about recording all the while enjoying Belgian beers. I also met a taper from Belgium who also ran the show. His source should be up soon too.