"Blind Dominos" - Keep On Keeping On Music - KOKO-003 - sb4/sb4/sb3/3

Tracks 1-4 are Blind Faith recorded at Hyde Park, London on 7/6/69.
Tracks 5-10 are D&TD recorded at Nashville, Tenn. on 5/11/70.
Track 11 is D&TD, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells recorded in Paris on 22/09/70.
Track 12 is D&TD recorded at Klinehalls, Buffalo on 29/10/70.
12 tracks on 1 CD.
Lineups are as follows:

Blind Faith --- EC/Rick Grech (Bass)/Steve Winwood (Keyboards)/
Ginger Baker (Drums)
Derek etc. --- EC/Jim Gordon (Drums)/Bobby Whitlock (Keyboards)/
Carl Radle (bass). See below.

Well Alright/Sea of Joy/Sleeping in the Ground/Under Me Thumb/It's Too Late/
Got To Get Better in a Little While/Matchbox (3 versions)/Blues Power/
It's My Life Baby/Got to Get Better in a Little While

This has also been issued on the "Spank Records" label as Spank 203. (M.D.)
Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins perform on all 3 versions of "Matchbox".
Note that tracks 1-4 run fast (R.B.)