Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood
"Brummie-Boy's Home"
18 May 2010
LG Arena

Block-A YBx

Core Sound Binaural Mics > Edirol R-1 Flash Recorder > 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV > Adobe Audition Editing (32-Bit) > 16-bit WAV > FLAC Frontend (Level-6 + Align on Sector Boundaries).

Some amplitude smoothing to correct level adjustments during the first part of "Had To Cry Today". 
+6dB amplitude change to Right Channel only.
Slight fade-in for "Driftin' Blues" due to Flash/Flip - losing EC's rare utterance.
+2.5dB amplitude change to Right Channel only for whole disk.
An additional +2.5dB to both channels for the acoustic section.

Track-Splitting using CD Wave Audio Editor v1.98

Disk-1: 01:07:47
01. Had To Cry Today (Steve Winwood)
02. Low Down (JJ Cale)
03. After Midnight (JJ Cale)
04. Presence Of The Lord (Eric Clapton)
05. The Shape I'm In (Robbie Robertson)
06. Glad (Steve Winwood)
07. Well Alright (M. Peety/B. Holly/J. Allison/J.Hauldin)
08. Tuff Luck (Maceo Merriweather)
09. Pearly Queen (Steve Winwood/Jim Capaldi)
10. Forever Man (Jerry Lynn Williams)
11. Midland Maniac (?)
12. Going Down (Don Nix)
13. Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles)

Disk-2: 01:03:05
01. Drifting Blues (Eddie E Williams/Charles Mose Brown/Johnn Moore)
02. How Long Blues (Leroy Carr)
03. Layla (Eric Clapton/Jim Gordon)
04. Can't Find My Way Home (Steve Winwood)
05. Split Decision (Steve Winwood/Joe Walsh)
06. Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)
07. Cocaine (JJ Cale)
08. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Steve Winwood/Jim Capaldi/Chris Wood)

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood - organ, guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton - keyboards
Willie Weeks - bass
Steve Gadd - drums
Michelle John - backing vocals
Sharon White - backing vocals