Buddy Guy and Chris Duarte
-Tokyo Japan May 22, 1995
-Toronto Canada March 10, 1995

NTSC DVD from vhs rec'd in trade
VHS>Standalone Burner>DVD Dycryptor>HD>
TMPGNC DVD Author>Dime

With Menus
With Chapters per song or segment

Video 720x480 6999 kbps MPEG-2 4:3
Audio 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 224 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0) 

Both sources from VHS of unknown generation, upgrades desired.

1)13:24 Tamori No Ongaku Wa Sekaida TV show - Tokyo Japan May 22, 1995

1)Intro/Five Long Years
2)Game show/Interviews

2)8:00 The New Music TV show - Toronto Canada March 10, 1995

Interview and live footage from

Chris - Ultrasound Show Bar Toronto April 1994
Buddy - Convocation Hall Toronto/Montreal Blues Explosion 1993

These are classic moments from the tours Chris and Buddy did together
in 1995. 
As far as the version of "Five Long Years", my guess is that Buddy 
told Chris to "go for it". Chris NEVER tries to upstage anyone, 
unless they are a guest on his stage, and try to upstage HIM. 
The irony of watching this is that Chris is now married to a Japanese
girl, and plays about 2 months out of the year playig with his Japanese
band Bluestone Co. He has become quite familiar with the language, as 
opposed to what we see here!