"Chicago No Bad Blues" - Tarantura - TECD-001/002 - sb6

Recorded at Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hoffman Estates, IL, 05/07/85.
17 tracks on 2 CDs. Total Time: 58:05/47:35
EC/Tim Renwick (Guitar)/Chris Stainton (Keyboards)/Donald 'Duck' Dunn (Bass)/
Jamie Oldaker (Drums)/Marcy Levy (Vocals)/Shawn Murphy (Vocals)

Tulsa Time/Motherless Children/I Shot the Sheriff/Same Old Blues/ Tangled in Love/White Room/Steppin' Out (Vocals: S. Murphy)/Wonderful Tonight/ She's Waiting/She Loves You (Vocals: M. Levy)/Badge/Let It Rain/ Double Trouble/Cocaine/Layla/Forever Man/Further On Up The Road

All Tarantura CDs are limited editions, and packaged in deluxe boxes. (R.B.)