The Legends - Crossing Over Festival
Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria - July 8, 1997 - EC Is Here / DJ Copy 90/91 - SB 5 (mono)

Disc 1:               
Disc 2:

1.Full House           1.Third Degree 
2.Marcus #1            2.First Song Tango 
3.Ruthie               3.Put it Where You Want It 
4.Snakes               4.Jerry Roll 
5.Going Down Slow      5.Sentimental 
6.Peeper               6.Layla 
7.Suggestions          7.Every Day I Have the Blues 
                       8.Encore Jam

Comments: A nice, crisp, close-miked soundboard, albeit in mono, with some compression that keeps this from a "SB 6" rating - excellent nonetheless. Packaged in a license-plate sized and shaped cardboard folder, with the CDs packaged in a small pouch. Scans of the original set are found above - below are CD covers created for use in standard jewel cases.