Eric Clapton
"Cutshaw Blues"
Noblesville, Indiana
May 30, 2008

Geetarz 173 / 174

Track List:

Disc 1:
Tell the Truth
Key to the Highway
Hoochie Coochie Man
Little Wing
Outside Woman Blues
Double Trouble
Don't Knock My Love
Let's Talk it Over
Rockin' Chair
Motherless Child

Disc 2:
Travelling Riverside Blues
Running On Faith
Motherless Children
Little Queen of Spades
Wonderful Tonight
(Crowd Applause)
I've Got My Mojo Working 

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Doyle Bramhall II - guitar, backing vocals
Chris Stainton - keyboards
Pino Palladino - bass
Ian Thomas - drums
Michelle John - backing vocals
Sharon White - backing vocals

Geetarz Notes:

What a memorable show! This is certainly one of the more unforgettable Clapton shows I've experienced, and in this case I'm not necessarily speaking of the performance.

The day was windy, with storms forecast for the evening, and as Robert Randolph took the stage for the opening act, the sky began to look ominous. By the time Clappers began his set the wind was beginning to pick up, and early in the set we could all see lightning in the distance. 

If you aren't afraid, or at least careful, of thunderstorms, then you've never truly experienced one in the Tornado Belt, and by mid set the weather was clearly the main thing on the band's mind. 

Eric put on a good show but the feel was definitely "rushed" as they sped between songs. In a strange way this worked to a degree, as it provided a bit of "edge" to EC's playing, which is evident here. 

By the time the acoustic set began, it began to storm in earnest and the decision was made to cut the show short, as the band launched into an abbreviated electric set. 

But never fear, intrepid fans, your intrepid taper stood his ground, braving the elements and possible death, to capture the performance. 

And I know you are thinking "they cut the set short, what did they leave out ???". Well this is a relief, because no matter what songs were cut, we still got a rousing performance of ... wait for it ... "Wonderful Tonight". I think 'E would play that thing if an F5 tornado was headed straight for the stage, just to spite some of us and show us who is in charge.

By the time those seven amazing notes of "Layla" rang from Eric's amplifier, even that famous riff was outplayed by mother nature as the heavens opened, the wind kicked up, and all hell broke loose! 

The band rushed off stage and returned in record time for a perfunctory encore, missing Robert Randolph, probably because they did not want to take time to set up his equipment. 

Here's where things got interesting, because egged on by the weather, I have never heard EC play "Mojo" that fast, and it worked as he really seemed to pour himself into it.

Finally the show was over (at around 10:30) and we were left to decide whether to huddle under the roof and stay a little dry or risk being under tons of metal that might collapse.

As it turned out, the greater Indianapolis area did get tornado damage, which resulted in a number of injuries and destroyed homes and apartments. Leaving the show and heading east was quite difficult, as many roads (even the main east-west interstate highway) were closed due to downed trees and power lines.

Now for me the really interesting (and surprising) part of the show was Eric's performance of Ray Charles' "Let's Talk it Over" as a solo acoustic number:

Oh come back baby, oh mama please don't go.
Child, the way I love you, well you'll never know, oh.
Come back baby, yeah yeah,
Let's talk it over one more time.

Well I admit, baby, that I was wrong.
Don't you know baby, child you've been gone too long.
Come back baby, yeah yeah,
Let's talk it over one more time.

I said if I could holler like a mountain jack,
I'd go up on the mountain, people,
I'd call my baby back, oh.
Come back baby, yeah yeah,
Let's talk it over one more time.

Oh come back baby, oh mama please don't go.
Child, the way I love you, well you'll never know, oh.
Come back baby, yeah yeah,
Let's talk it over one more time.

Really a nice touch, and a great surprise - thanks Eric!

I'd like to dedicate this recording to a couple of people. 

The first is my buddy James. Folks, there are fans and there are FANS. People can make all sorts of lame excuses as to why they can't make it to a show, and the next time I hear some pitiful excuse, I'll send 'em to talk to James. This guy went through hell trying to get tickets, had all sorts of problems, drove a long distance, and got in an accident! Now this would be the point where most people give up, but NO, he wasn't to be deterred. He rented a car, and made it to the venue with minutes to spare - at which point he got caught in a lightning storm. Even then his spirits weren't to be dampened - James, you rock buddy!

And secondly to good 'old Animalman, who is a great friend even if he inconveniently does live a bizillion miles away. We've all complained from time to time about people who for some reason spend money to go to a show and treat it as a social event, and Animalman showed up wearing the all time, hands down, best concert shirt of all time which read "DON'T TALK TO ME I AM HERE TO SEE GOD, 2008". Amen, brother!

I sure hope you all enjoy this show.

~Geetarz, December '08