Eric Clapton / Definitive Hyde Park 2018 / 2CD / Beano
Live at Hyde Park, London, UK 8th July 2018

Disc 1 (49:38)
1. Intro 2. Somebody’s Knockin’ 3. Key To The Highway 4. Hoochie Coochie Man
5. Got To Get Better In A Little While 6. Driftin’ 7. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
8. Layla 9. Tears In Heaven

Disc 2 (51:57)
1. Lay Down Sally (with Marcy Levy) 2. The Core (with Marcy Levy)
3. Wonderful Tonight 4. Crossroads 5. LIttle Queen Of Spades 6. Cocaine
7. High Time We Went (with Carlos Santana)

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals Nathan East – bass Sonny Emory – drums
Doyle Bramhall – guitar Chris Stainton – keyboards Paul Carrack – organ / keyboards / vocals
Sharon White – vocals Sharlotte Gibson – vocals

Marcy Levy (Marcella Detroit) – vocals on “Lay Down Sally” and “The Core”
Carlos Santana – guitar on “High Time We Went”


Comment from GigInJapan:
Eric Clapton / Definitive Hyde Park 2018 / 2CD

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Eric Clapton / Definitive Hyde Park 2018 / 2CD / Beano

Translated Text:
Live at Hyde Park, London, UK 8th July 2018

On July 20th our shop has released Eric Clapton’s latest performance best performance board “Hyde Park 2018”. It was the fastest release after the concert, we were pleased by all of Old Rock fans including Clapton fans. However, in this era, another master of the same concert of every artist will go up to Bang Bang net with time. This Clapton’s Hyde Park show was no exception. Moreover, I was surprised just because it was a recording by the name taper Dapsyknows representing that modern day! He also recorded Stones’ exquisite sound quality board “PRAGUE 2018” also released on July 20, Paul McCartney’s 2016 dessert trip, recently Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s resurrection gig “FRESNO 2018” Such as the big name who took up the topic of the big name as it was awesome, with a superb sound quality. Dapsyknows, thought to be a taper to record concerts held in the United States, was flying to Prague as a target for Stones, and that Clapton was also a thing at Hyde Park in London! A wonderful action force overflowing with the hot spirit of wanting to chase “big things” now! Ultra high quality sound microphone Schopes MK 4 as a weapon and Dapsyknows aiming for numerous name concerts Hyde Park of Clapton. This sound quality was also wonderful not to be reputed again. It is a superb sound quality that can be asserted as a high quality recording suitable for 2018, and it goes on to the highest. Its quality is such that our engineer never needs mastering at all. You can believe it even if you are handed to a friend saying “This is a Clarepton Hyde Park stereo soundboard source.” Even though only the sound image overflowing with plenty of sound pressure is masterpiece, clearness is also outstanding. The graininess of each musical tone, the clarity of the vocal, which is very excellent. The recording position is the best seat of diamond · VIP – back rail · dead center which was only 13 m away from the stage. It was reasonable and the best recording was made. The interesting thing is that when compared to “Hyde Park 2018” released on July 20, it is obviously another sound source, but from the audiences’ conversation sounds, Dapsyknows is about 1 to 2 meters Was not it only a distance away? I think. It is said that the two tapers competed for “technique” at such a close distance … It’s interesting.
I wrote it in the review of “Hyde Park 2018”, but let’s keep track of the track of this year’s Clapton live activity here.

· January 23, 2018: Served as a full stage at a private event in Paris, France
· May 26, 2018: Appear in festival at Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
· July 2, 2018: Cologne performance in Germany
· July 3, 2018: Performed in Hamburg, Germany
· July 8, 2018: Appeared at a festival in Hyde Park, London, England ?this work?

In the case of Clapton which carries rheumatism to chronic illness, it has continued live activities while keeping an interval so as not to force unreasonableness to physical condition, but this July was different. We conducted three performances in succession. It can be said that the stage where Clapton went through as a culmination of two performances in Germany got well and it was Hyde Park. And Clapton led the performance to great success. At Lay Down Sally and The Core, guests welcomed Mercy Levy, a former female singer who took back as a guest, and Encore went on stage with Carlos Santana, a fellow guitarist who showed off his own set this day I did it. Clapton’s play of this day was completely clear. It folds a sharp phrase with clapton-like thrilling everywhere, two solos at Got To Get Better In A Little While, two solos at The Core, a solo at Crossroads, a solo at LIttle Queen Of Spades, and everywhere It has been proved by being able to do. Customers who listened to “Hyde Park 2018” released on the 20 th will probably understand the strong performance of Clapton, it has been good for the first time, but we will deliver that high quality performance with even higher sound quality. As sound quality is quite high in that the main board using MK 4 for microphones expresses precision like a sound board, “Hyde Park 2018” is the best part of the audience recording full of realism It is easy to listen in the sense that it expresses it to the utmost, and this is it. If you can collect name performance with two famous sound sources, Hyap park of Clapton will be decided anymore. It will be released on limited press CD.