Bonnie Raitt
Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium
Oakland, CA
"Earthquake Relief"

Another video from the Graceful Duck Archive.

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TMPGenc DVD Author 3 
No Artwork
Chapters: 7
NTSC / Stereo 
TRT: 32:03
Audio codec: AC3
Audio bitrate: 256 kb/s
Video codec: MPEG2
Video bitrate: 9110 kb/s
Picture Resolution: 704x480

1. Leave Home
2. Green Light
3. Have a Heart 
4. Nick of Time
5. ...Love Letter
6. Three Time Loser 
7. Willy Wontcha 

This show has a very high level of energy. Bonnie is at the
height of her popularity, coming off the recent success of
her Grammy Award winning album "Nick Of Time". Make no 
mistake though - this performance spanks!