"Eyesight To The Blind" - Dirty 13 - D13-013(A)/(B) - 5

Recorded at Sunpu-kaikan, Shizuoka, Japan on 29/10/75.
17 tracks on 2CDs Total Time : 40:35/71:01
EC/Carl Radle (Bass)/George Terry (Guitar)/Jamie Oldaker (Drums)/
Dick Sims (Keyboards)/Yvonne Elliman (Vocals)/ Marcy Levy (Vocals)/

Layla/Little Wing/Blues Power & Keep On Growing/Can't Find My Way Home//
So Many Roads/Badge/unknown song (M. Levy vocals)/Tell The Truth/
Eyesight To The Blind & Carnival

"So Many Roads" (15-minute version ) is incorrectly listed as "Stormy Monday" and "Keep On
Growing" and "Teach Me To Be Your Woman" are listed, but do not appear on the CD. EC
breaks into a mock Japanese accent on several occasions during the show, saying such things as
"Herro", and introducing a "robrey rady . . . Marcy Revy"! (R.B.)