Eric Clapton
"Film Session for 'Tearing Us Apart'"
London, England
August 16, 1986

DJ Copy 75/76 - Aud 6

Disc 1:

1. Opening
2. Tearing Us Apart
3. Interval
4. Tearing Us Apart
5. Blues Jam
6. Tearing Us Apart
7. Take a Chance
8. Tearing Us Apart
9. Unknown
10. Easy Lover
11. Tearing Us Apart
12. Every Time You Go Away 

Disc 2:

1. September
2. Tearing Us Apart
3. 1999 / Billie Jean / On Broadway
4. Stuff Like That
5. Interval
6. Instrumental
7. Tearing Us Apart
8. Money for Nothing
9. Run
10. Tearing Us Apart
11. Ending 

Geetarz Comments: 

Recorded during the filming of the Tearing Us Apart video at Ronnie Scott's, London, on August 16, 1986. Excellent, very listenable audience recording. 

What's interesting here isn't so much the renditions of "Tearing", but instead the jams and covers the band plays between takes. 

"Every Time You Go Away" is delivered with a reggae beat, and it's neat to hear the band kick off Prince's "Party Like It's 1999"! 

But perhaps the most entertaining bit is Nathan East's standup comedy routine at the end of "Run".


~Geetarz, January 2010