1. Concert & Torrent Info 
(1) Artist: Eric Clapton
(2) EC Band: 
Eric Clapton - guitar and vocals 
Chris Stainton - keyboards 
Abe Laboriel Jr. - drums 
Willie Weeks - bass 
Doyle Bramhall II - guitars and backing vocals 
Sharon White - backing vocals 
Michelle John - backing vocals 
(3) Date: Feb 13th 2009 
(4) Venue: Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka Japan 
(5) Disc Title & Catalog #: 
Friday the 13th (Osaka Guitar Massacre) / T&J?TWOSP-001/002 
(6) The Wall of Sound Project 
a. Tapers: Tom & Jerry 
b. Sound Editor: Naniwa Hot Brothers the 
c. Art Work Designer: Mickey Jaggar 

2. Recording Info 
(1) Lineage: 
Source A: M1280s (Card)> Fostex FR-LE2 Oade HD Mod 
(24bit/96KHz,Gain position;12foclock, Rec Level 6) 
Source B: AT943 (hyper caps)>Church Audio CA9100 
(Gain Position;11 ofclock)>Korg MR-1(24bit/96KHz, gain position -7.5db ) 

PC Card Reader(PC motherboard; Asus P6T Deluxe) for Fostex FR-LE2 & 
Korg MR-1 > Audio Gate > Sound Forge Files > Re-mastering (24bit/96KHz) 
> Dithering (16bit/44KHz) > Wav > Flac 
Sound Forge 24 bit / 96 kHz Re-mastering Process; 
Track split>Channel Adjustment (Volume)>Click & Crackle 
>Wave Hammer >Normalize > Dithering (16bit/44KHz) 

3. Sound Quality; 
Check a MP3 sample provided in the comments. 

4. Set List/Disc Info 
01. Pre-Show Announcement 
02. EC Appearance 
03. Hoochie Coochie Man 
04. Key To The Highway 
05. Tell the Truth 
06. I Shot The Sheriff 
07. Here But I'm Gone 
08. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad 
09. Driftin' (EC Solo Blues) 
10. Travelin' Alone 
11. That's Alright 
12. Nobody Knows You (When You're Down and Out) 
13. Running On Faith 
14. Motherless Children 
15. Little Queen of Spades 
16. Before You Accuse Me 
17. Wonderful Tonight 
18. Layla 
19. Cocaine 
20. Crossroads 
21. After-Show Announcement 

5. Tapers & Sound Editors Notes;
Recorded from the 20 something row in the sub-center block, 
very close to the real sweet sound spot in the venue. This is only 
the second time we used a Fostex FR-LE2 but could not stop thanking 
Doug at Oade Brothers for his HD mod. Every note is clean and up-front, 
especially guitarsf and vocalsf with clear high and solid low end on this recording. 
Not to toot our horn, you can hear the sounds of each instrument in details 
and truly enjoy the interaction among players. Given the size and a booming
acoustic of the venue, this recording remarkably captures clear sound image. 
However Dougfs HD-mod tightens up the bottom end, you might wish for 
the warmer sound. If you think the music is too bright or too busy, 
you might as well boost the low end on your PC or i-pod. 
Sorry we all came around to the idea of NO EQ & NO COMPRESSIONc..

One last thing we should mention here is that the hanging PA system 
in the air sounds fantastic all through the night, far cry from the last time 
EC played this venue back in 2006 (EC pissed off because of the annoying 
noise in the sound system and did not even bother saying Good-by to his 
loyal Osaka fans after the encore). Hats off to the sound guys at Friday 13th night!!! 

6. Show Review: 
I was amazed and amused to proclaim that the Osaka second show is simply 
the best EC gig hefs ever played in Osaka for his recent sober-up years. EC used 
to be a kind of musician who would blow you away with kick-ass guitar blast 
one night but another night hugely disappoints you with weak & fizzling-out 
performances induced by his drinking or drag problem. So unpredictable was 
his mood swing and act on the stage, Tom & Jerry completely refused to see 
his show in the past. However, these days he shook himself up, picked up 
the guitar and put his heart and soul into it. With the solid performance 
and catchy set-list, EC has entertained the young and old popular-music fans 
all across the board in Japan. Back in 2006 he embarked up on the unprecedented 
18 concert dates alone in Japan and almost sold out every show. The older he grows, 
the better he seems to play and the more popular he gets in Japan. 

Many of my friends praise and admire EC as a Guitar God. The Osaka 2nd night
is so freaking excellent that it could even shun EC naysayers. 
As EC appeared on the stage with his supporting musicians, he wore this pissed-off 
gwonft happen againh look on his face. The previous night show, the first night in Osaka
(the opening night of Japan tour) is nothing short of his latest major backsliding 
in recent memory. Many lamented that EC failed to nail one solo after another 
and could not seem to get anything right. EC even had tough time playing one of 
these signature seven notes of Layla. EC naysayers ecstatically comments that 
the senility finally got into EC. 

However at Friday night show EC fired up and showcased his raw, bluesy, and sometimes 
twangy toned guitar-licks and Claptonian blues vocals. His too drunk or too stoned 
or too laid-back days were long gone. EC immensely commits himself to his music 
and performance now. Friday night I felt his presence a lot bigger than I did at 
any other EC shows I saw. His guitar and vocal gave me such feeling of spine-shivering, 
breath-taking awe. Especially the first four songs (Hoochie Coochie Man/Key To The Highway
/Tell the Truth/I Shot The Sheriff) almost jolted me off the chair. As the show 
moved along, he seemed to cool down a bit but still kept the ball rolling. 
The powerful performance of the last seven songs (from Motherless Children onto 
the encore; Crossroads) electrified the beat-up middle aged Japanese businessman, 
and got many of them to stand on their feet and to yell. If not for Jeff Beck show less 
than a week later from this show, I would probably have gone all the way to 
Tokyo to see more of ECc .. May be the next timec