Eric Clapton - City Park Stadium
New Orleans, La. - July 30, 1974 - CD-R2 - Aud 3

Disc 1:

1. "Legs" Larry Smith Intro
2. Smile
3. Easy Now
4. Tell the Truth
5. Badge
6. Willie and the Hand Jive / Get Ready
7. "Fucked if I Know"
8. Layla
9. Little Wing
10. Badge 

Disc 2:

1. I Shot the Sheriff
2. Blues Power
3. Let it Rain
4. Little Queenie 

Comments: Handheld audience recording, with occasional static, volume changes, mic bumps and the like. An easy show to identify as it includes the introduction by "Legs" Larry Smith (as well as a wag near the taper yelling "Allright Legs!!!"). Smith introduces EC with "Here he is ..." to which EC responds "Here I am!". and then quips "... trouble in store! ...". EC introduces the seventh song with "This is one we wrote the other day called "fucked if I know!" which features the solo from "Hideaway". Numerous mic hits and problems with the tape source make this a difficult listen at times, particularly during "Little Wing".

Disc 2 starts off with a lovely "Asshole sit down!!!" from someone near the taper. Then, in one of the single most annoying moments to be found on any audience recording ever, after 'Blues Power' some wag next to the taper decides to blow a POLICE WHISTLE at length - consider this a warning in advance to those of you who listen with headphones! And by far the best part of the recording comes as the taper is leaving the venue after 'Little Queenie' with his equipment still running ... hearing some stoner ask " ... Hey ... I thought he played 'Purple Haze'???".