Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler also Ft.Elton John and Phil Collins - 1988-02-07 Guildford, Surrey, England -"Guild 1988"- Tarantura release. Great soundboard!(Samples included)

Civic Hall
Guildford, Surrey, England
February 7, 1988 

Format: 2 Cdr's
Source: soundboard

Taken from the Tarantura Guild 2007 box-set 

Tarantura TCDEC 22 (show #5)

Disc 1:(TCDEC-22-1)

1. Opening
2. Crossroads 
3. White Room 
4. I Shot The Sheriff 
5. Wonderful Tonight 
6. Run 
7. Same Old Blues 
8. Tearing Us Apart 
9. Holy Mother 

Disc 2:(TCDEC-22-2)

1. Badge 
2. Let It Rain 
3. Cocaine 
4. A Remark You Made 
5. Layla 
6. Behind The Mask 
7. Sunshine Of Your Love 
8. Money For Nothing 
9. Band Introductions
10.Further On Up The Road 

Band Lineup:

Eric Clapton: Guitar and Vocals
Mark Knopfler. Guitar
Nathan East: BassElton John: keyboards
Alan Clark: keyboards
Tessa Niles: Vocals
Katie Kassoon: Vocals
Ray Cooper: Percussion
Steve Ferrone: Drums
Phil Collins: Drums
Elton John:piano


a person's Review of this, the last show: 
''The final concert in this collection is the February 7th, 1988 show 
at the Civic Hall. This masterpiece occurs right after a nine night 
run at the Royal Albert Hall in London. There was no new album 
associated with this tour (the latest studio album August was released 
in 1986), but rather these shows were a celebration of twenty-five 
years in the music industry. Mark Knopfer of Dire Straits joined him 
for the entire year and comes close, as in this show, to blowing Clapton 
off the stage. This would be the last concert until two shows in June 
for the Prince’s Royal Trust, a US tour in September and a short 
tour of Japan with Elton John playing in the band.

The show kicks off with an incidinary ”Crossroads” and the show 
never abates in intensity. 

”White Room” recalls the days of Cream 

”Wonderful Tonight” is gorgeous. 

After the forgettable “Run” 

Clapton introduces Elton John to the stage, saying 
“We’d like to do a slow blues for you now and bring on a dear 
friend of mine. Reg Dwight….You feel comfortable?” 

Over the next eighteen minutes they take turns jamming in the 
middle. Nathan East plays a virtuoso bass solo followed by a 
cocktail piano solo by Elton John. Clapton follows with an 
emotional masterpiece and East has to introduce him to the 
audience afterwards to a rapturous ovation! 

“Tearing Us Apart” is an innocuous disco number 

and is followed by the sublime “Holy Mother.”

Knopfler steals the show with his solo in “Badge” and the song is again segued with “Let It Rain.” 

A funky synthesizer driven instrumental is played as a prelude to 
“Cocaine.” Afterwards Clapton says, “we’d like to dedicate this to 
the late, great Jaco Pastorius. I hope you bear with us” and 
proceeds to cover Pastorius’ 

“A Remark You Made.” The slow 
tempo contemplative number abruptly ends after five minutes before 
the opening notes to “Layla.” The point where John beings the 
second half of the song on piano is pure magic.

A seven minute elongated version of “Sunshine Of Your Love” 
closes the set with East in particular shining on vocals.

“Money For Nothing” is the first encore and sounds interesting 
with the backup singers.
After Clapton's great solo(Enlight), Knopfler jokes around with Clapton by 
singing, ”Look at them yo-yo’s, yeah that’s the way you do it. 
You play the guitar, what’s his name? EC!” 

They jam on a basic 12-bar as Clapton takes his time introducing the band before the 
final, eight minute jam on “Further On Up The Road.” 
They pound the blues notes hard in this one and alternate between 
playing piano and forté. Everybody takes a solo including the 
second bass solo of the evening by East and Ferrone on the 

After ten years and five recorded shows, it is obvious the 
special nature these concerts hold and why Tarantura chose to 
bind them together in this box set. This is a unique way to tie 
several shows together but it works very well given the great 
performances, guest apperances and variety included. 
Guild is limited to 130 numbered copies and is packaged in a 
special shuffle box to hold the five individual sleeves.

all credits to the original taper and uploader, Thanks Enlight 

Comment Geetarz(same show Civic Banquet):

A realy great performance, one of those where, if one had access to a time machine,
a trip back to this one would be in order. Given the absense of a time machine, 
this recording is tbe next best thing. 
EC comes out on fire with "Crossroads" and doesn't let up one bit for the rest of the show.

**Mark Knopfler is right there too, and pretty much kicks EC's ass off stage with a top notchsolo of his own during "Badge", leaving EC in the dust on this one.**

Add in Elton John on piano and Phil Collins on drums, 

and this performane is a dream come true.


Visitor Comments: "I'm amazed to find that this concert was recorded. I was there and sometimes I think that it was all a dream. My then boyfriend had to queue at 3 am to get two tickets which was the allocation for each person. 
For me it was the best concert of my life and I felt really privileged." - Anon