Shokan: Jammin' Back At The House (ATM 221-223)

Woodstock Festival rehearsals
Jimi's rented house, Traver Hollow Road, Boiceville, Ulster County, New York,
July - September 1969
Extraordinary Archives Traded Material series of the highest quality Hendrix recordings available in traders' circuits.
All recordings in the ATM series are taken from the lowest generation masters available, and they have all been digitally restored unless otherwise indicated.
Thanks to Hans-Peter Johnsen

Disc 1: 
1. Back On The Desert (aka. Dance On The Desert) > Acoustic Medley
2. Izabella > The Rumble
3. Izabella / Machine Gun Jam
4. Univibe Jam
5. Message To Love
6. Mannish Boy
7. Mannish Boy > Izabella > You Make Me Feel
8. Ain't Got Nobody
9. The Dance
10. Sundance
11. Freeform Jam

Disc 2: 
1. Izabella
2. Izabella
3. Izabella
4. Message To Love
5. Jam Back At The House (aka. Beginning)
6. Jam in E
7. Jam Back At The House (aka. Beginning)
8. Machine Gun / If Six Was Nine
9. Flute Instrumental
10. Flute Instrumental
11. Why I Sing The Blues
Alternate mixes: 
12. Izabella [alternate mix with lower percussion] 
13. Sundance [alternate mix with echo]

Disc 3: 
1. Lover Man
2. Lover Man > Drums
3. Hear My Train A-Comin'
4. Spanish Castle Magic
5. Instrumental Jam
6. Jams with Mitch incl. Villanova Junction
Alternate mixes: 
7. Flute Jam (from "leakage channel")
8. Instrumental Jam (Flute Jam mixed out)
9. Jams > Villanova Junction (Flute Jam mixed out)

This set collects material recorded at Jimi's house on Traver Hollow Road in the summer of 1969. 
Most were probably recorded on the 4-track machine that Eddie Kramer installed at Jimi's request; some are possibly recorded on 2-track. 
The first 2 tracks on Disc 1 were recorded by Gerry Guida on a portable reel recorder. 

Although this material has often been referred to as The Woodstock Rehearsals, much of this could never have been considered for inclusion at that show. 
In addition, this isn't a "complete" Shokan collection; 
Other recordings include the Ephron jams (ATM 193-194 "At His Best?") and possibly the jams with a 2nd guitarist that were collected on ATM 072-073 "Healing Power". 
Portions of these recordings have previously appeared on the collectors' sets ATM 003 "The Woodstock Rehearsals", ATM 044 "Drinking Wine, Sipping Time" and ATM 072-073 "Healing Power". Some of those are upgraded here. 
There's also little definite information regarding recording dates and personnel. 
While most of these recordings are thought to be from August, some could also be from July or September. 

The first 2 tracks were earlier thought to have been recorded in Beverly Hills in mid-1969; John McDermott and Gerry Guida recently confirmed that they were recorded on Guida's portable reel machine at the Shokan house. 
There are two songs with vocals by Larry, Why I Sing the Blues and Ain't Got Nobody, where Jimi's playing is not evident. 
The final block of material is just Jimi and Mitch. It has been speculated from the themes quoted in this section that it might come from after Woodstock, possibly early September, so it was placed last in the collection. 

This set upgrades portions of material found on ATM 003 The Woodstock Rehearsals, ATM 044 Drinking Wine, Sipping Time and ATM 072-073 Healing Power.
More Shokan recordings are available on ATM 193-194 At His Best? (The Mike Ephron Sessions) and ATM 035 Apartment Jams / ATM 072-073 Healing Power (The so-called Taj Mahal Jams some sources list the recording date and location for the Apartment Jams [aka. the so-called "Taj Mahal Jams"] as Jimi's Apartment, New York City, NY 21.01.70, but it's more likely the recordings were made around the same time as the Woodstock Rehearsals at Jimi's House, Shokan, NY july-aug.1969.).

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