Leon Russell and Friends
"Homewood Session"
Vine Street Theatre
Hollywood, California, USA
original broadcast 1972 U.S. TV - KCET Los Angeles

Excellent video quality and very decent TV audio - check the samples to get an idea of the quality for yourself.

Extensive research did not find any released material that was ever used from this show.

The Vine Street Theatre had a little studio in the back part of the building. The show is billed on the theatre marquee at the beginning as "The Vine Street Theatre presents Homewood", but the on air host calls it "Session". They actually shot 6 hours, but only broadcast 1 hour. It was unscripted and unrehearsed.

00:00:00:00 chapter 1 Leon's intro to KCET rebroadcast
00:00:26:17 chapter 2 original show intro
00:03:15:04 chapter 3 Will The Circle Be Unbroken? 
00:06:36:00 chapter 4 Jim's Thing 
00:09:30:14 chapter 5 It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry 
00:14:50:17 chapter 6 Delta Lady [with false starts]
00:19:52:22 chapter 7 Song For You 
00:25:12:08 chapter 8 Good Morning Jury [Furry Lewis solo] 
00:27:56:15 chapter 9 John Henry [Furry Lewis solo]
00:30:38:21 chapter 10 Furry's Blues [Furry Lewis with Leon and band]
00:33:12:25 chapter 11 Amos Burke
00:36:03:12 chapter 12 Honky Tonk Woman 
00:39:29:04 chapter 13 Sweet Emily 
00:42:54:26 chapter 14 Prince Of Peace 
00:46:24:05 chapter 15 Girl From The North Country 
00:49:14:07 chapter 16 Big Boss Man 
00:52:15:03 chapter 17 Crystal Closet Queen 
00:57:30:05 chapter 18 credits
00:58:52:25 end

From the closing credits: "Session - Leon Russell and Friends":
Don Nix 
Claudia Linnear 
Kathi McDonald 
Chuck Blackwell 
Jim Horn 
John Gallie 
Furry Lewis 
Don Preston 
Joey Cooper 
Carl Radle