Eric Clapton - House of Blues (II)
House of Blues, Los Angeles - November 12, 1994 - CD-R2 - 60:45/60:45 - aud 5
Time: 60:44/60:29

Disc 1:                        Disc 2:
1) Malted Milk                 1) Early in the Morning
2) How Long                    2) Every Day I Have the Blues
3) Kidman Blues                3) Someday After a While
4) County Jail                 4) Tore Down
5) .44                         5) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
6) Blues All Day Long          6) Crosscut Saw
7) Going Away                  7) Five Long Years
8) Standing Around Crying      8) Crossroads
9) Hoochie Coochie Man         9) Groaning the Blues
10) It Hurts Me Too
11) Blues Before Sunrise
12) Third Degree
13) Reconsider Baby
14) Sinner's Prayer
15) Can't Judge Nobody

Comments: Another incredible quality audience recording, so clear you can hear the clink of bottles as the tables are cleared. All the dynamics of the band are preserved, all instruments are clearly defined and audible. Unfortunately missing "Motherless Child" and the very beginning of "Malted Milk", as well as the encore of "Ain't Nobody's Busines", but makes up for those omissions with a great recording of a great show!