Into the Fire
Tokyo, Japan - Oct 25th,26,27th, 1993 - Mid Valley MVR -SI-001/002 - SB 6

Disc 1:                        Disc 2:

1.Malted Milk                  1.Circus Left Town
2.Terraplane Blues             2.Tears in Heaven
3.How Long                     3.Crossroads
4.32-20                        4.Tearing Us Apart
5.Kidman Blues                 5.Groaning the Blues
6.County Jail                  6.Cocaine
7..44                          7.Ain't Nobody's Business
8.Blues Leave Me Alone         8.Layla
9.Tell Me Mama
10.White Room
12.Wonderful Tonight
13.Stone Free

Comments: Recorded over several nights at Tokyo's Budokan Theater, this is an interesting release, as this is not a pure soundboard recording! Obviously mixed for broadcast / release, from several different nights, and the mix itself is what one could call a "radio" mix, in that crowd mics are used to add ambience as is usually done on broadcasts. One can only speculate that this was destined for release at some point, and plans were shelved. Luckily, Mid Valley to the rescue - an essential part of any Clapton collection, the eclectic mix of traditional blues, classic rock, and pop hits is a winner. Recommended.