Journeyman in Osaka
Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan - December 11, 1990 - CD-R2 - Aud 3

Disc 1:                        Disc 2:

1.Pretending                   1.Old Love 
2.No Alabis                    2.Badge 
3.Running on Faith             3.Wonderful Tonight 
4.I Shot the Sheriff           4.Band Introductions 
5.White Room                   5.Cocaine 
6.Can't Find My Way Home       6.A Remark You Made 
7.Bad Love                     7.Layla 
8.Before You Accuse Me         8.Crossroads 
                               9.Sunshine of Your Love

Comments: Clear audience recording, listenable, but near crowd noise is distracting. Next-to-last performance of the massive 1990 Journeyman Tour.