Eric Clapton & His Band
Riverbend Music Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
Jun 30, 2010

Recorded by genesisoh
Mastered by Jasman57
Source: Zoom H2 internal mics (90 degree pattern, low gain) > 
SD flash card > USB to PC > Nero Wave Editor (trimming and volume adjustment) > Soundforge > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > Flac-8 > You 
Location: Section 800 near dead center

"Little Queen of Cincinnati"

One of the few shows that Eric is doing with Roger Daltrey. I located myself to a position where there was no noise around me. This made for a recording with little audience noise or chatter. My location was near dead center in the rear of the theater. A very enjoyable show with Eric in fine form. The musical highlight for me was Cocaine ... no just kidding, it was Little Queen of Spades. 

In terms of the recording itself, it came out very nice. I am including samples. Jasman57 improved the original sound greatly by doing a bit of bass trimming, adding to the high-end, and more stereo separation. 

So here is another missing piece of the 2010 tour canon. Sorry it took so long ... vacation got in the way :-) As always, suppport Eric by buying his music and merchandise. This recording is to be traded freely and NEVER SOLD. I DID record Daltrey, but it is still being worked on ...

Band Lineup
Eric Clapton guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton keyboards
Walt Richmond keyboards
Willie Weeks bass
Steve Gadd drums
Michelle John backing vocals 
Sharon White backing vocals

Disk 1

01. Going Down Slow (5:59)
02. Key to the Highway (4:46)
03. Tell The Truth (6:05)
04. Tuff Luck Blues (7:16)
05. I Shot the Sheriff (8:39)
06. Driftin' (6:30)
07. Nobody Knows When You're Down and Out (3:21)
08. I've Got a Rock and Roll Heart (3:40)
09. Layla (4:46)

Disk 2

01. When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful (3:47)
02. Badge (6:00)
03. Wonderful Tonight (4:26)
04. Before You Accuse Me (4:58)
05. Little Queen of Spades (11:24)
06. Cocaine (5:46)
07. Encore Applause (1:58)
08. Crossroads (6:16)

Roger Daltrey