2010-05-18 LG Arena, Birmingham 
(AUD alternative source)

This is an alternative recording to 
Torrent #304630 Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood LG Arena NEC Birmingham UK May 18 2010 MK4.

Sympathy with daspyknows, also had battery problems with my Tascam, sadly completely flat, so 13 minutes of nothing. 
Fortunately, alternative equipment to hand so complete concert in pretty good quality.

Note very slight 'clipping' on a few of the high notes, hardly detracts.

HISP MD capture from ECM719 >WAV created through Sonic Stage, edited and equalised in Audio Cleaning lab >CDR > flac

Disc 1
1. Had to Cry Today
2. Lowdown
3. After Midnight
4. The Shape I'm In
5. Glad - Well Alright
6. Tuff Luck
7. Pearly Queen
8. Forever Man
9. Midland Maniac
10.Going Down

Disc 2
12.Drifting Blues
13.How Long
15.Can't Find My Way Home
16.Split Decision
17.Voodoo Chile
19.Dear Mr Fantasy