Laidback! Do Not Disturb! Going Solo!
Nassau Coliseum 1974 - Mid Valley 79-82 - SB 5

Disc 1: June 30, 1974                Disc 2: June 30, 1974

1.Easy Now                           1.Blues Power
2.Let it Grow                        2.Have You Ever Loved a Woman
3.Can't Find My Way Home             3.Little Queenie
4.Let it Rain                        4.Willie and the Hand Jive 
5.Key to the Highway                 5.Get Ready
6.Badge                              6.Crossroads
7.Little Wing                        7.Layla 
8.Mainline Florida                   8.Presence of the Lord 
9.Tell the Truth 

Disc 3: September 29, 1974           Disc 4: September 29, 1974

1.Better Make it Through Today       1.Badge 
2.Can't Find My Way Home             2.Little Rachel
3.Let it Rain                        3.Willie and the Hand Jive
4.Little Wing                        4.Get Ready 
5.Singing the Blues                  5.Blues Power 
6.I Shot the Sheriff 
7.Tell the Truth 
8.The Sky is Crying 

Comments: Yet another superlative Mid Valley release. Nothing else to say, really!