Eric Clapton
Civic Center
Lakeland, Florida
April 15, 1985

CD-R2 - Geetarz 195/196 - Aud 3

Disc 1:

Tulsa Time
Motherless Children
I Shot the Sheriff
Same Old Blues
Blues Power
Tangled in Love
Behind the Sun
Wonderful Tonight
Steppin' Out
Never Make You Cry
She's Waiting 

Disc 2:

Something is Wrong With My Baby
Lay Down Sally
Let it Rain
Double Trouble
Knock On Wood
Further On Up the Road 

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Donald 'Duck' Dunn Bass
Tim Renwick Guitar
Chris Stainton Keyboards
Jamie Oldaker Drums
Marcy Levy Backing Vocals
Shaun Murphy Backing Vocals

Special Guest: George Terry (encore)

Geetarz Comments: 

The band is joined on stage by EC's old bandmate, George Terry! Unusually, EC introduces Lee Dixon " a big round of applause for Lee Dixon!" (gee, wonder why Lee wasn't mentioned in the Autobiography, haha). 

Shaun Murphy says "it's great to be in Florida" and dedicates "Steppin' Out" to her brother David. 

I received this years ago in trade, a cassette dump directly onto CD split only by tape flips from the source.

The original source really is pretty good for the era, and the 1985 tour is a personal favorite, so I undertook to do what I could with this. This included normalization, light EQ, some dynamic adjustment, and finally some gentle noise reduction to tame some of the hiss in the source. Hiss reduction is a dicey thing, and personally I'd prefer a little more hiss than a recording that's been overly stomped on, or even worse fiddled with to the extent that it introduces all sorts of high end weirdness or sounds dead. I just tried to do what I could without anything extreme. I hope you like the results.

This is a great performance, and it's all the more special because of the welcome inclusion of George Terry. EC has always tended to begin tours with a few songs from new albums, which tend to fall of the setlist as the tour progresses. The 1985 tour was no exception so it's nice to hear things like "Behind the Sun" which weren't played all that often.

Original artwork by Joil has been modified to reflect the remaster.


~Geetarz, October 2009