"Love" - Snake - Snake 009/10 - sb6

Recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, on 24/01/90
15 tracks on 2 CDs. Total time: 59:05/60:40
EC/Nathan East (bass)/Greg Phillinganes (keyboards)/Steve Ferrone (drums)

Piano intro(ic)/Pretending/Running On Faith/I Shot The Sheriff/White Room/
Bad Love/Lay Down Sally/Before You Accuse Me/Old Love/No Alibis/
Tearing Us Apart/Wonderful Tonight/Cocaine/Layla/Crossroads (ic)/
Sunshine Of Your Love (ic)

The source of this CD is different from all the others versions of this show.
The audience clapping is hardly heard in places where it is prominent in the
other recordings. For example, it is clear from listening to this version that the clapping before the rhythmic clapping, at the beginning of No Alibis was added for broadcast. This version is clean of this kind of edit, and despite how good the others are, this one is ** much ** better.

 Unfortunately, there are a few seconds missing from the piano intro, as well as a skip in Crossroads, and "Sunshine" fades out during the drum solo. Please note also that the incorrect date is listed on the cover (January 16, 1991). (R.B.)