Eric Clapton
Dane County Coliseum
Madison, Wisconsin
June 9, 1979

Lineage: Audience master => cassette => cassette => cassette => Stand-alone Pioneer CD burner => EAC => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC Front-end (level 8)

Disc one (40:20):
(1) Badge (8:24)
(2) If I Don't Be There By Morning (4:43)
(3) Worried Life Blues (7:32)
(4) Crossroads (9:22)
(5) Knockin' On Heaven's Door (5:59)
(6) Tulsa Time (4:17)

Disc two (61:30):
(1) Early In The Morning (8:55) *
(2) Watch Out For Lucy (4:18)
(3) Setting Me Up (5:11) **
(4) Rambling On My Mind (11:29)
Incl. Mean Old World
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
(5) Lay Down Sally (6:19)
(6) Wonderful Tonight (5:06)
(7) Cocaine (6:52)
(8) Layla (6:27)
(9) Further On Up The Road (6:47)

* start cut (first few seconds only)
** Albert Lee - vocals

Comments: Very solid recording from Clapton's short "Backless" tour in spring 1979. There are not very many good recordings from this period, and this one not only sounds great, but is a very strong performance as well. "Watch Out For Lucy" is a relative rarity included in the set; the real centerpiece, however, is a great Rambling On My Mind/Mean Old World/Have You Ever Loved A Woman medley in the middle of the show. Eric's in a good, loose mood, and it shows in his playing.

The recording is very good for the era. All of the instruments are well-represented in the mix (although the low end tends to drown everything out during peaks); the taper was so close to the stage and/or PA that Clapton's off-mike comments to the band and countdowns can be clearly heard on the tape.