Eric Clapton - Madison Square Garden
New York, Nes York - April 2, 1990 - DVD-R2

# Before You Accuse Me (incomplete, missing beginning)
# Running On Faith
# I Shot the Sheriff
# White Room
# Can't Find My Way Home
# Bad Love
# No Alabis (special guest Daryl Hall) / Old Love
# Tearing Us Apart
# Wonderful Tonight
# Band Intro
# Cocaine
# A Remark You Made / Layla
# Crossroads
# Sunshine of Your Love

Comments: Excellent audience shot DVD, authored directly by the taper from his Super VHS masters! Hot performance, one of the finest of the epic 1990 world tour. Also features a guest appearance by Daryl Hall on "No Alabis". Audio sounds great, with a pleasant low end arena "thump" that really makes it come alive. Audio, although incomplete, is available on In the Garden Again, also find more performance notes there. A must-have for any fan of the Journeyman era!