Eric Clapton
Marcus Amphitheater
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 28, 2010

Source: Audio Technica AT-899 omnis => Edirol R-09 (24/96) 
Transfer: R-09 => WAV => Audition 1.5 (dither to 16-bit) => WAV => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC (level 8) 

Location: 15th row, 45-degree angle to stage (stage left)

Disc one (53:17): 
(1) Entrance (0:51)
(2) Tell The Truth (6:01)
(3) Key To The Highway (5:04)
(4) After Midnight (4:01)
(5) Tough Luck Blues (7:00)
(6) I Shot The Sheriff (9:09)
(7) Driftin' Blues (5:17) *
(8) Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (3:26) *
(9) I've Got a Rock and Roll Heart (3:38) *
(10) Layla (5:23) *
(11) When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful (3:23) *

Disc two (40:35): 
(1) Badge (5:55)
(2) Wonderful Tonight (4:15)
(3) Before You Accuse Me (5:04)
(4) Little Queen of Spades (10:22)
(5) Cocaine (6:26)
(6) Encore break (2:19)
(7) Crossroads (6:11)

* acoustic


First date of very limited (4-date) summer 2010 U.S. tour for Eric Clapton. Setlist was a bit different from the spring dates in terms of structure and duration (93 minutes overall) -- on the plus side, Eric debuted the Woods & Dunn classic "When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful" during the acoustic set, and performed great versions of "Tough Luck Blues" and "Before You Accuse Me"; on the dark side, my two least-favorite songs in the EC repertoire ("Wonderful Tonight" and the acoustic version of "Layla") re-emerged in the same setlist for the first time in many years. 

Overall an enjoyable though far-too-brief performance. The band seemed to follow the lead of their laid-back drummer Steve Gadd and delivered a relaxed but competent performance on the whole -- punctuated with some blistering solos by EC. 

Sound is great -- best EC master I've done in my 12+ tries. As is typical for a Milwaukee Summerfest crowd, there were a lot of inattentive fans chattering around me, but although it can be somewhat audible during the quieter parts of the show but never comes close to dominating the music. The bass was really powerful but clean -- unusually good for a shed. I don't want to oversell it, but I think it sounds really good. Mp3 samples are included in the comments. Enjoy.