"Milwaukee Time" - Silver Rarities - SIRA 187/188 - sb6

Recorded at Milwaukee Festival, Milwaukee on 10/07/83
17 Tracks on 2 CDs. Total Time: 53:03/48:27
EC/Albert Lee (Guitar)/Chris Stainton (Keyboards)/
Donald 'Duck' Dunn (Bass)/Roger Hawkins (Drums)

Tulsa Time/I Shot The Sheriff/Worried Life Blues/
Lay Down Sally/Let It Rain/Double Trouble/Sweet Little Lisa/
Blow Wind Blow/The Shape You're In/Wonderful Tonight/Blues Power/
Don't Say You Don't Love Me & Have You Ever Loved A Woman &
Ramblin' On My Mind/Cocaine/Layla/Further On Up The Road

Note: "Wonderful Tonight" is entitled "Late In The Evening" on the CD.