Eric Clapton
Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
Davenport, Iowa
July 27, 1974

CD-R1 - PHR - SB 5 - (50:28:45)

Track List:
1) Badge
2) Presence of the Lord
3) Tell the Truth
4) Ramblin' on My Mind
5) Steady Rollin' Man
6) Blues Power

Geetarz Comments: 

One of the better 1974 shows available, both in performance and recording quality. Unlike many of the shows where the band (and their leader's) performance was uneven, this was one of those nights where everyone was at least articulate and coherent, if not "on fire". Rather than rote run-throughs of the setlist, there is some nice artistic expression here. At about 6:50 into 'Tell the Truth' the band goes into a funky vamp, which works out nicely, with a nice segue into "Hideaway" and the "Peter Gunn" theme into a spirited performance of "Ramblin' On My Mind". "Blues Power" also features some nice jamming by the band. Recommended.