Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, Montreal Bell Center, Feb. 22 2010

Lineage: Creative JB3 recorder at 44 khz, Sound-Pro Mics, battery box set at 107hz bass roll-off. Normalized in SoundForge, split with CDWave, FLAC level 8. 

Taper: Micro-Magnon

Booze and buzz: Jean-Regis Lechaux

Many negative reviews were written about this mini-tour of Beck-Clapton. 
A Yardbirds reunion it was not. More like a meeting of old high-school friends.
Something wrong with the pacing of the show. But It's one of the best I Shot THe Sheriff and Little queen of Spades I heard.

The mood during the Beck-Clapton set was seriously affected during Moon Rivers. But everything else was as sweet as it gets :-)

Warning about this recording: I missed the first track, as I looked for my seats on the floor.

About the sound quality: I was in the sweet spot on the floor, but my mics didn't aim high enough to get the richness of the sound.
Also had two friendly, but very LOUD visitors from Boston sitting next to me.

I did a little audio boost during the sit-down set with Clapton.

Jeff Beck:

Eternity's Breath (missing)
Led Boots
Corpus Christi Carol
Mna Na Eireann
Brush With The Blues
Big Block
Day in the Life
Nessun Dorma


Running on Faith acoustic
Rock 'N' Roll Heart acoustic
Tell the Truth
Key To the Highway
I Shot The Sheriff
Little Queen of Spades

Clapton and Beck

Shake Your Money Maker
Moon River
You Need Love
Outside Woman
Little Brown Bird
Wee Wee Baby
(I Want To Take You) Higher