Eric Clapton
Qwest Center
Omaha, Nebraska
July 22, 2004

recording source (most likely): Audio Technica 831b's>D8 @ 48kHz
transfer: Sony 60ES>optical>PowerMac G5
editing: Amadeus for tracking, minor edits, normalizing, 44.1 conversion. About a minute into the recording, it sounds like the taper hit an input switch sending the recording into overdrive for just a second or two. I brought those levels down in line with the rest of the recording. I've heard no other hiccups on the recording.

This source comes via the generosity of a friend of the taper. The taper has essentially stopped taping and his DATs were abandoned. The friend reached out to other tapers who might be interested in any of the DATs. It is his thoughtfulness and desire to see music shared, that brings us an otherwise uncirculated show, and one that perhaps was headed for the trash dump. If you are holding tapes, and unable to share them, get in touch. Myself or others can help spread your recordings.

Let It Rain
Hoochie Coochie Man
Walk Out In The Rain
I Wanna Little Girl
I Shot The Sheriff
Me And The Devil Blues
They're Red Hot
Milkcow's Calf Blues
If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
Kind Hearted Woman Blues
Got To Get Better In A Little While
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Wonderful Tonight
Sunshine Of Your Love (With Robert Randolph)
Got My Mojo Working (With Robert Randolph)