"On Guitar and Vocals, Me! Live at the Budokan 1997" - Jungle Tiger - nun - 6

All 8 shows (16 CDs) were Recorded at Budokan, Tokyo. Dates will be provided below.
EC/Andy Fairweather-Low(Guitar)/Joe Sample(Keyboards)/
Chris Stainton(Keyboards)/Steve Gadd(Drums)/Dave Bronze(Bass)/
Tessa Niles(Vocals)/Katie Kissoon(Vocals)

CDs 9 & 10
Recorded at Budokan, Tokyo on 27/10/97
18 tracks on 2 CDs. Total Time: 59:45/53:40
Layla/Change the World/Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/
Tears In Heaven/Going Down Slow/Broken Hearted/Pilgrim/Before You Accuse Me/
I Shot the Sheriff/White Room//Wonderful Tonight/
I'm Tore Down &Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Cocaine/Tearing Us Apart/
Old Love/Sunshine Of Your Love/Everyday I Have The Blues

Another Excellent Japanese set of audience recordings. IMHO this one is superior to the incredible "10 Days" set. Like that set, this one is consistent in sound quality and contains each show complete from about a minute before Clapton steps on stage to a minute or two after he leaves. Not a single glitch anywhere!! Warner should look for the guys who produced this set an offer them a job producing live CDS. If only the legitimate recording industry could produce something this good. (R.B.)