Patti Smith Group Rockpalast Pro shot DVD 
Essen 21st April 1979
Rebroadcast Sky Arts April 2011

1 So you want to be a rock n roll star
2 Hymn
3 Rock n roll nigger
4 Privelege
5 Dancing barefoot
6 Redondo beach
7 25th Floor
8 Revenege
9 5-4-3-2-1
10 Pumpin my heart
11 7 ways of going
12 Because the night
13 Frederic
14 Jailhouse rock
15 Gloria
16 My Generation

Running Time 1.33.42

Menu and Chapters

Lineage Sky HD> component cables and optical cable> Hauppage PVR 1228>USB 2.0>arcsoft total media studio to capture and author>DVD>you 
Audio 2 Channel Stereo AC3 384kb/s 48khz 
Video PAL 16.9 25 fps 5193kbps MPEG 2 resolution 720x576 (Gspot says its anamorphic 16.9 horizontally squeezed to a 4.3 format, I have absolutely no idea what that means but the picture is 4.3. Im sure someone can tell me what this is all about)