Eric Clapton
Pinède Gould (Soundcheck)
Antibes-Juan-Les-Pins, France
July 12, 1986

CD-R1 - Geetarz 199 - Aud 6

Track List:

I'm Still Standing (Greg Philgaines)
Jam #1
Jam #2
Tearing Us Apart
Jam #3 (Run)
White Room
Jam #4
Run (incomplete)
Run (intro)

Geetarz Comments: 

Here's another nice one, received long ago in a trade, as a dump onto CD with no track IDs.

This was a very clean source, so only normalization, light EQ, and a little bit of hiss reduction in the source and it came out very nice.

These are the soundchecks for the show later that night, fun to listen as the band prepares for the show and is a bit more loose than in the concert.


~Geetarz, January 2009