Eric Clapton - Play With Fire (2005 Remaster) 
London, England - February 17, 1991
Mid Valley 335/336 

Lineage: Original Silvers > EAC (Secure) > WAV > FLAC Frontend (Level 6, Align on SB's, Verify) > BootCity 

Disc 1: 

1) Layla Orchestra Ver: Introduction 
2) Pretending 
3) No Alabis 
4) Running on Faith 
5) I Shot the Sheriff 
6) White Room 
7) Can't Find My Way Home 
8) Bad Love 
9) Before You Accuse Me 
10) Old Love 

Disc 2: 

1) Badge 
2) Wonderful Tonight 
3) Band Introduction 
4) Cocaine 
5) Layla 
6) Crossroads 
7) Sunshine of Your Love 


Geetarz Comments:

All thanks to the original tapers and seeders!

Organizing my torrent file archives, I found this one and didn't see it currently on the tracker, alive or dead.

This amazed me, as it's one of my "Top 10" most essential elements of any Clapton Core Collection.

A little history:

The first release of "Play With Fire" was on the "Blues Power" label (BP -3003-1945-002). At the time, I gave it a "SB 6" rating. 

Later, Mid Valley released what they called "Play With Fire Revisited" (Mid Valley 005/006). At the time my review of "Revisited" was "really ridiculously righteously remastered rock 'n roll", at which point I was forced into giving a "SB6+" ... I'm not sure if any other title has ever received this lofty rating.

This later Mid Valley title is curiously called "Play With Fire" as likely "Play With Fire Revisited Revisited" would have been a nightmare for non-english speakers. Heck, I'm an english speaker (well, of American English, and of the Redneck variety) and it's a mouthful for me.

Please also note, the artwork for this 2005 release is different from the artwork for the original release. So many people incorrectly use the wrong artwork, so if you don't have this with a known lineage this might be a good one to snag, even if you have it already.

How is it possible this is not on the tracker? 

If you're a Clapton fan ... you need this.

If you're even a casual Clapton fan ... you *definitely* need this.

Clapton never ceases to amaze me. Still, there are times and shows where I walk out saying "well, that was good" but you never got what a friend of mine calls "the moment". This performance was definitely one of those where, were you in attendance, you'd walk out shaking your head and thinking "I just saw one of the finest musicians on the planet playing at the top of his game".