"Pretending" - EC is Here - DJ copy 21/22 - 5

Recorded at Festhall, Frankfurt, Germany on 05/03/90. 
17 tracks on 2 CDs. Total Time: 69:51/68:26
EC/Steve Ferrone (Drums)/Nathan East (Bass)/Phil Palmer (Guitar)/Alan Clark(Keyboards)/Greg Phillinganes (Keyboards)//Tessa Niles (Vocals)/Katie Kissoon (Vocals)

Pretending/No Alibis/Running On Faith/I Shot The Sheriff/White Room/Can't Find My Way Home/Bad Love/Before You Accuse Me/Old Love//Tearing Us Apart/Wonderful Tonight/Cocaine/Happy Birthday/A RemarkYou Made/Layla/Crossroads/Sunshine Of Your Love

Happy Birthday is sung to Alan Clark, and the omission of Ray Cooper from this show is not an error. Apparently he was home that night with a broken thumb. The drum solos belong to Steve Ferrone. (D.M. / R.B.)