"EC Rarities" - EC Rarities - ECR-001 - sb6

Taken from various B-sides and outtakes. Tracks (1) are taken from the "Edge of Darkness" soundtrack, track (2) is The Bunbury's single (EC and the BeeGees), tracks (3) are taken from August sessions (?), track (4) is EC's collaboration with Arthur Louis, track (5) is EC on a track by Steve Cash and tracks (6) are live cuts from B-sides that I *think* are taken from the NEC Birmingham show on 15/07/86. (J.M.)
15 tracks on 1 CD.
Band lineups either unknown or too numerous to mention.

Edge of Darkness (1)/Shoot Out (1)/Obituary (1)/ Escape From Northmoor (1)/Oxford Circus (1)/Northmoor (1)/Fight (2)/ Jail Bait (3)/Grand Illusion (3)/Knockin' On Heaven's Door (4)/ White Trash (5)/Crossroads (6)/White Room (6)/Run (6)/ Badge & Let It Rain (6)