Artist Eric Clapton

Venue Rockford Metro Center, Rockford Il. Feburary 19 1983

Source Second Gen Aud Tape>Cool Edit Pro>CDWAVE>Flac 8>Dime

Comments After seeing the other version of this show posted here on Dime I went to check mine out. Luckly it was right on the top of the top of 10 boxes of assorted tapes. This is a comfirmed second gen aud. And the complete show with the exception of some cuts during songs.I beleive this is another source than the one posted.On this version in the last 10 seconds of Sheriff there is a bump of the mikes which I didn't hear on the other version. With that said as the taper would say Crank this on your best system.

1 After Midnight
2 I Shot the Sheriff
3 Worried Life Blues(Cut)
4 Let It Rain
5 Sweet Little Liza
6 Key to the Highway
7 Tulsa Time
8 Rock And Roll Heart
9 Wonderful Tonight
10 Blues Power
11 Who's Loving You Tonight/Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Ramblin' On My Mind 
12 Cocaine
13 Layla
14 Further on Up the Road