"Roll It Over" - Colosseum - 97-C-027 - 3 

Recorded at The Marquee, London on 11/08/70
10 tracks on 1CD. Total Time: 55:19
EC/Jim Gordon (Drums)/Bobby Whitlock (Keyboards)/Carl Radle (Bass)

Band Introduction/Roll It Over/Blues Power/Have You Ever Loved A Woman/
Any Day/Bad Boy/Bottle Of Red Wine/Little Wing/Tell The Truth/Country Life

The following is edited from an e-mail I received. "The cover lists 9 tracks, but the CD player shows 10, the first being the introduction of the band. Also the CD itself has all wrong song titles listed (on purpose I suspect)."

"This is a pretty good show. With the exception of Have You Ever Loved A Woman, which EC played during the Bluesbreaker period, this was all new material, including several songs from his just released first solo effort. My favorite track would have to be Bad Boy, which is stretch out to over 6 minutes with an extended jam. There are also several tracks from the soon-to-be-recorded Layla album. HYELAW reminds me more of the Bluesbreakers performance than the D&D version. Little Wing includes the original lyrics which were dropped from later versions, such as "riding with the wind". Tell The Truth is played at the speed of sound (as the
Spector-ized version on the single). This is the only track which I could take or leave on this recording, although EC does some nice slide work here. Bobby Whitlock handles most of the lead vocals during the show, leaving EC free to handle guitar work, which I believe was the original intention for the band."

"I found it fascinating to hear this early phase of D&D's short career, before Duane Allman came along and influenced their song. The performance, especially the inclusion of rarely performed songs, makes this a must listen to for anyone who is into the Dominos period of EC's career."