Buenos Aires, River Plate Stadium, March 30, 1998

Mission from God Vol. 40

TV Broadcast (Argentina/Uruquay TV)

I have no idea how these TV guys in south america think a concert broadcast
should be done. They act like they are broadcasting a soccer match, cutting songs,
doing lots of (bullsh*t) talking during songs.....
Anyway, none of the broadcasts are complete and they are all ruined by the speaker.
Thanks to midnramblers discovery of the TV broadcast from Uruquay, I was able to combine
it with the broadcast from Argentina to get the complete show in good picture quality.
Only the first 30 seconds of Wanna Hold you and some some Seconds in Gimme shelter have to be taken from an alternate broadcast which is only available in inferior quality.
Soundwise the best source is "Bridges to Argentina", supposed to be from the radio broadcast.
Unfortunately this CD sounds sometimes like being taken from a badly tuned radio station so its not usable for the complete show. I ended up using the original TV sound, patching it with CD where needed. There a minor sound differences but still enjoyable to listen to.

For the first time now, here is the complete show in correct order and without those boring talking sickheads. RSVP also had a few incomplete songs on their DVD.

Video: MPEG2 720*576 25 fps (4:3) PAL 4.553 kbps
Argentina broadcast taken from RSVP DVD, Uruquay broadcast taken from midnrambler Upload
Audio: MPEG1 Layer 2, 48000 Hz Stereo, 224 kbps

01. Opening
02. Satisfaction
03. Let's Spend The Night Together
04. Flip The Switch
05.*Gimme Shelter
06. Anybody Seen My Baby
07. 19th Nervous Breakdown
08. Saint Of Me
09. Out Of Control
10.*She's A Rainbow
11.*Miss You
12. Band Introduction
13.*You Don't Have To Mean It
14.*Wanna Hold You
15. B-stage walk
16. Little Queenie
17. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
18. Like A Rolling Stone
19. Sympathy For The Devil
20.*Tumbling Dice
21. Honky Tonk Women
22. Start Me Up
23. Jumping Jack Flash
24.*You Can't Always Get What You Want
25. Brown Sugar
26. Credits

* Mix of Argentina&Uruquay TV with TV&CD audio mixed.