Hi Clapton fanatics,
i was asked to remaster this one by Mike aka MainlineFlorida. And since i got so many Eric Clapton bootlegs from Mike, i just had to do it.
This one was pretty tough one, to do. When i have heard it for the first time i was thinking that there is not much to do. The audience recording sounded very distant and at low volume, but the audience members, around the recording guy, were quite loud. So i had to do a few tricks to bring it up and to upgrade the sound. 
I have fixed the phase, did the EQ and level correction. And in the end i even had to work with Waves Maximizer (my own setting) to bring the recording bit closer.
In the end i have discovered that Mike was right and that there was quite a good Clapton gig here, only you could not hear it as it was before this remaster.Hope you like it !

Captain Acid April 2012

Eric Clapton
Title: Seoul 1st Night
Location: Olympic Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea
Date: October 9th 1997
Label: Heart Breakers HB-927-1/2
Audience A4

Disc 1
02-Change The World
03-Nobody Knows You
04-Tears In Heaven
05-Going Down Slow
06-Broken Hearted
08-Sick And Tired
09-I Shot The Sheriff

Disc 2
01-Wonderful Tonight
02-Tore Down
03-Have You Ever Loved A Woman
04-Tearing Us Apart
06-Old Love
07-Everyday I Have The Blues
08-Before You Accuse Me

Band Info:
Eric Clapton Guitar / Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low Guitar / Vocals 
Chris Stainton Keyboards
Joe Sample Piano
Dave Bronze Bass
Steve Gadd Drums
Katie Kissoon Backing Vocals
Tessa Niles Backing Vocals