Eric Clapton
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View Ca.
sep 3, 1992

This is the first transfer from the Tascam unit I received. I figure it
makes sense to share a Clapton recording that is not in circulation. 

Recorded with Schoeps MK4 w/ Reutelhuner Mod & Panasonic SV250 DAT

DAT playback on Panasonic SV3800->Tascam CD-RW700->Wav->Flac

Disc 1:
1. White Room
2. Pretending
3. Anything For Your Love
4. I Shot The Sheriff
5. Running On Faith
6. She's Waiting
7. Tears In Heaven
8. Before You Accuse Me

Disc 2:
1. Old Love
2. Badge
3. Wonderful Tonight
4. Layla
5. Crossroads
6. Sunshine Of Your Love (End of drums cut)

The Band:
Eric Clapton guitar, vocals
Andy Fairweather Low guitar
Nathan East bass
Steve Ferrone drums
Chuck Leavell keyboards
Ray Cooper percussion
Gina Foster backing vocals
Katie Kissoon backing vocals