Eric Clapton - Stone Free Night II
Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan October 19, 1993- CD-R2 - Aud 4

Disc 1:                    Disc 2:

1.Malted Milk              1.Circus Left Town
2.Terraplane               2.Tears In Heaven
3.How Long                 3.Crossroads
4.32-20                    4.Tearing Us Apart 
5.Kidman Blues             5.Groaning the Blues
6.County Jail              6.Cocaine 
7..44                      7.Ain't Nobody's Business 
8.Blues All Day Long       8.Layla
9.Tell Me Mama 
10.White Room 
12.Wonderful Tonight 
13.Stone Free 

Comments: Nice piano on Kidman Blues, and there is a bit of diginoise in County Jail. The show really takes off with a blistering White Room, one of the best performances of the song. Badge is powerful as well, with great soloing. And "Stone Free" lives up to its title billing, with a molten solo. Recommended.