Eric Clapton
Office Depot Center
Sunrise, Florida
June 15, 2004

Original recording by Aplay
Mastering, Photos, and Artwork By Geetarz

Geetarz 163/164

Recording: Sonic Solutions DSM-6 (Sonic Mod-2) -> Sony D7 DAT -> PC -> SoundForge -> CDWav > FLAC (Level 5) > You !!!

Track List

Disc 1:
1. Let it Rain
2. Hoochie Coochie Man
3. Walk Out in the Rain
4. I Want a Little Girl
5. I Shot the Sheriff
6. Me and the Devil Blues
7. They're Red Hot
8. Milkcow Blues
9. (If I Had Possession) Over Judgment Day
10. Kindhearted Woman

Disc 2:
1. Got to Get Better in a Little While
2. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
3. Badge
4. Wonderful Tonight
5. Layla
6. Cocaine
7. Sunshine of Your Love (with Robert Randolph)
8. Got My Mojo Workin'

Geetarz Notes: This is the real deal, direct from the taper's master DAT. No tweaking, toasting, editing, or butchering. 
No normalization, no compression, no acoustic funny business. 
This one's perfect as is, and other than listening directly to the master DAT @ 48 kHz, this is as good as it gets. 

No digital bits were harmed during the production of this set.

And remember, kids ... if it doesn't have the Geetarz intro on D1, and the Cody Woo at the end of D2, you don't have the real deal.

As Elwood Blues says - "Waddya Want for nothin' .... a rubbbbberrrrrrr biscuit?????"